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Greet all brothers and sisters with a holy kiss, like its authentic infinity

That power of positive thinking, Utopia for love en happiness

Its only appalling till the sun grows cold, speak out

Renew your thoughts about me often, its worth it

 Those maladies of your emotional feelings

Carry on I will be weighting tranquility to my space

***Where attitude  surpasses facts.- mayor5***




I know it won’t stop cause you said you can’t get enough

Some type of love, you got nothing to complain about

Every story ends with some happiness en love slicked in

Did I mention honestly, vitamins on us right there

You earned it, ain’t burning down just feel the light

You don’t have to do lots of knocking, my state of affairs to be golden

***Being a gentleman is a mashup privilege denied to many.-mayor5***




Hae darling, eyes will only see what the mind knows

You don’t have to prevent good from going to best

Feels like all your body on me, elements of surprise

Commitment is my armor, passions In my corner locked away

We’re not in the business of judging one another energy

Packs of interest pulls hard, make em laugh babez en leave a trace

***Religious, a tree known by it’s fruits love not roots.-mayor5 ***




All around the world, it’s just an idea you may consider horsing to

Yelp no more cause my hopyard pyramids are a blossom

Just come forward I don’t bite, am all about palpating

A tactual exploration where smiling with tears in your eyes is possible

Purged doubts about the narrative, be explicitly pregnant of hopes

My heart left you a thousand missed calls, the end of eating everything waiting

***You used to be honest with strong wings.- mayor5***




Feed your faith frequently and all’ doubts will fade away

Hold on to what you’re feeling, don’t be short-changed

What’s mine right by my side, ain’t obnoxious or fusty

Being in love is wisdom, got nerve to befog the mirror

A good partner be precious gift love from high above

Futility will prove you wrong, when all you would’ve grasped is gone

***The more bliss you make, the more happy in love you become.-mayor5***




The opposite of love is love, remember…

Parked underground station with enjoyableness

Canulate jargon of sobbing doubts en fears way up

Cheating on your happiness is like yapping  darkness love

You’ve gotta believe, I was made to love mine cheerleader galore

Our quilt metricised bond is whimsical nowadays

***When it’s all said and done, positivity is just a choice. -mayor5***




Progress will  look like a lot of failures

Nature instincts success to be merely the hangover of failure

Picked from vinify confederate hand shake

Like what is right does not depend on numbers

Balloons of love en affectionate happiness

You gotta be the type of person you want to meet

***Use eyes 👀 to see the needs en coin talents to meet them.-mayor5***




The suits of a young doctor got me thinking, this is a modern family

Scandals here are paramount, but we castle them at ease in our house of cards

The empire we created is pink for love, pestered in pray for happiness

Can you imagine the shades of grey for games of thrones engulfed

This would mean a good wife for the firm and friends for persons of interest allegiance

Under the dome, think like a man twenty four hours before dawn 

***Believe great arts are dots that keep connecting.-mayor5***




Yes stay upon it, you owe me a birdcall habits

Back and forth with every word you whisper, like it’s a wet tangerine

Am glad you came, imagine me watching you sleep zzz

Cut em off cause I love you a lot, shawty you’re my tenny

Just show me how you work it out, don’t hold it against me

I see you wonna be obsessed with that, I call it love ride

***My beast is getting stronger for love en happiness. -Mayor5***



Flashlight 🔦

My love is mooted in happiness pack for rides, you’re welcome

I know the hate is meager, Coded for space travels’

Astute dig baby,  meanwhile in-order-of business, keep me posted

Pick the ratchets at the go ahead, you know we’re bound two

Mix it up you-love-me, with an amazing boom-clap heart

I hear in school they test memory, life-love en bliss test imagination ideals

***The rain drops in my oceans predicts you.-mayor5***