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She cries a lot, but she won’t let me see her tears

I try to tell her love is verb, not a noun

Sometimes she say she has a lot of questions

But when I try to answer, she only scream

The world raced, in the thrilling three

Like a shell, a yolk and an albumen

***Love is a constant, not a variable.-mayor5***


© 2015, Mayor5 All Rights Reserved.


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Like walking on rails

In your darkest hour, I have your back

You need me tomorrow how you’ve me today

I took a chance that was on the run,thank me later

When you tell someone that only their heart know

If you’ve to match me, I simply match you

***Someday if you’re lucky, I will show you open.-mayor5***

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  1. Cling to the infinite idea behind your vision and mission. Connect results to purpose.
  2. Don’t compromise core values. Forgive sincere failure. Confront negligence. Give second chances.
  3. Kiss the people who correct you. Ignore critics who don’t have skin in the game.
  4. Face challenges aggressively. If it isn’t challenging, you’re wasting your talent.
  5. Develop yourself and others. Do not hold others like a pinch of salt and expect to be held as a bag of cereals.
  6. Embrace the dark-side. Dig into your disappoints, failures, and frustrations, don’t run.
  7. Hold yourself and others to high standards with tenacity and kindness.

    ***For sure the more value you bring, the more valuable you are.-mayor5***

    ©mayor5 2015 All Rights Reserved




Practice of moving out of mental and physical activity to a place of inner calm and balance;

Meditation is natural

Allow yourself to tune into your intuition & inner world

Its about mind, body, and spirit as one continuous whole

Uncovers the true self that lies at the core of every person

The universe clearly expresses a great deal of genius in simplicity

Genetic activity responds very quickly and substantially to meditation
The more loudly and clearly your dialogue with the universe becomes

This truth can be seen in nature all the time. Most things just are, period.

***Meditation is sure way of elevated feelings of happiness and well-being.-mayor5***

©mayor5 2015 All Rights Reserved

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If it don’t shake you what’s the point

Hazard occupational detour dive, free in the know

Little uncalled for goldslugs, the swimming pool gravity

Appurtenant vision about it, westside century zones

About the soft-landing, don’t tug until tomorrow

Live within the imagination, the affair humanity roundtable

***Don’t let them dim your light cause it’s shining on their eyes.-mayor5***


kiss me


Empty the catastrophe, be the opinionated adult

Just tubed outbursts, be real if your heart gets broken

That mixology you wonna patch, the modern family powers

I understand your reticence, but if you don’t follow your heart..

The heart won’t follow you around, you gotta release and relief

They be chilling with my placidity, your answers define your future

***Burrowed deeply in the realms of creativity en imaginations-mayor5***




She cried me a river, but she won’t tell me why

Patience of no rebates, under the wings for shelter

My heart is open only for you, tell your friends remixes

Secrets and lies won’t save you, I guess you wonna be free

My hills clothed with joy, even in laughter the heart may ache

If you won’t get them out of your mind, maybe they’re meant to stay

***We gonna make it better, one sweet day.-mayor5***


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What makes you smile, eleven hundred pieces of silver?

Agape love for peace of mind in kindness, do self focus

Joy gentleness in goodness, blessed assured fruits

Nothing under the rags, just a history of emotions

Something I designed for the present, simplicity

The heart wants what it wants, same old loves

Writings  on the wall heartbeat, try me

***How to get away with happiness is to love.-mayor5***




What energy you bring to my space, smartphones don’t lie

Break out from that box, there is my path somewhere

True success when you be really happy, we stay up

A canopy of achievements, en love we be alright

The deeper the sorrow, the greater the joy inside

come on! don’t miss my panoply debate, simply amazing 

***You can only see one date at a time.-mayor5*** 




Being inside my life, my direction more important than speed

Take care of your heart condition, don’t be too insecure

Let the character take control, decide who you are

The jaw-box of my life, it’s not about you at all

Your discomfort is just short-lived, we the cloud nine

***Everything be happening when it’s supposed to, sacred space.-mayor5***

The Rhythm

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Ooh, don’t you move now, you got a flat tire

It’s always a good time with me, tonight on everything

Ahah…. just keep it low key, the rims I see miles away

Can you feel the love tonight, seals of happiness stay up

My global love summit around the corner, it’s going down

When the pen hand don’t touch the heart, there is no art

***You gotta love hard to love long enough.-mayor5***




What don’t matter doesn’t, stick to your lane

I wanted to renovate your heart, hyper sketch

All the rooms maybe, stay corrected all along

Rumors underrate my gist, tomorrow redefine the truths

I choose to be a student of life, cheers to leadership skills

I suffer from love for fashion, breastplate for underneath design

***Keep your eyes on the goals not dreams.-mayor5***




My universe is infinite, the family 👪 wait up

A little tenderness on my team, go hard or go home

Sometimes we did that work dedicated check, run it

I got you out one wine scandal, bottom of the bottle

Face down 👇 like you know the drawls, come home

Aftermath of the role playing, do your part freely

***Do you really wonna serve, I expect the best and get it. -mayor5 ***



I hope that’s not far, what’s gonna be

Just a little attuned to my vitality rhythm, my in bound truths

Just say that, listen 👂 to the ground murmur of the insects

Lock it down deep, are you sure my humor causes you physical pain

I don’t want your jaw to drop, your spirit shouldn’t sag

I remember last time we met your eyes were screaming at mine, let them

***I know you’ll, finna be ready to listen to your story. -mayor5***




Practice silence, it’s soothing to the nerves

The aroma of my exotic banquet of flowers, they help me carry

My panorama of rolling hills, blowing winds and setting Sun

Surely it’s your fight song, like the trumpets of drum bangs

Bass levels where my trunk perfectly fit, understand

You might be the one, my up-line tempo flows

***We should ride, a reservoir of boundless power. -mayor5***