Prove your promises and most of all let love guide your life

I still see character as how you treat those who can do nothing for you

Nurture your voices for kindness en compassion baby, then your heart for love

I can hear the fire connection in your heart even when you’re quiet

Just trust yourself coz even your shadow hides when you’re in darkness

Intelligence pulls me to the core en the best medicine is love

***This is the part where you insist, love loves you.-mayor5***

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Am a chrome explorer jostling love in the array of happiness.

Those who see me are torn between caressing and holding dear.

My steps don’t match the immense topple we share in the dance.

In any case am blessed and beatified in love inclusive of happiness.

The reflects of the mirror resonates with my gist totally.

Maybe totally fissured relic  voice of equinox.
***True alchemists be striving to furl the world into words.-mayor5***


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I kinda like sailing in deep seas…

Tell me when you’re ready to love again

 I wonna install an emotional GPS to always guide you

Tell me when you’re ready to love again

Many times hills move, mountains too, It’s bush-true

Tell me when you’re ready to love again

Never give up on something you really want, no dreaming

Tell me when you’re ready to love again

You’re wonderfully made en poker faces mean pitty-pat to me

Tell me when you’re ready to love again

It is tuff to wait, but worse to regret the cleavage

Tell me when you’re ready to love again

Moments like these, my love for you is truly pretty rich

Tell me when you’re ready to love again

***The poise in maar heart tells me we’re close to close.-mayor5***


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Learn to marinade in laughter daily, lots of rivers to close.

That physic where the heart gets involved in everything.

If only someone remembers to turn up the light.. as you visualize larger.

Cause when your body talk, you’re only repeating what you know.

Be my precursor, maybe someday I’ll let em know you be my in-hold gratitude.

If you listen, maybe you can learn new ideals.

***Everywhere we go, we flower love and happiness. -mayor5***


mayor5 (31)Some birds aren’t meant to be caged. Flying to them is a higher zeal.

Enjoy the present morning glory of passions with no antidotes.

Trust me baby, the brain is wider as the sky if sustainably managed.

You better treasure what you don’t understand. It’s your excellent reward.

It’s not age nor diet but the will. Love will remember cause we fall in hard.

***If a writer falls for you, elegance becomes your norm.-mayor5***




The sense of agility that led to your initial parlor of love.

You know it felt like Jaggery, you better bone up for better.

Don’t you worry honey am a nerve calmer, we be invincible.

Say the words, we minge lentamente Gradin arts of februation.

Baby I already see your inflexed passions that comensurate mine.

You know how we proliferate together for love, it’s a nice aural bitmap.

***It feel like my words are leaving me, love and happiness settle deep.-mayor5***



Moments like these, I will remember you.

 Yeah…. keep it rocked. I got ya.

Personal motivational goals, galaxies.

All I hear is five more. It’s here with me.

I will slide you to the list, extra numbers glimpse.

***Baby, today ain’t my day. Everyday is, honey.- mayor5***


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Cake for deserts. Feels like you wonna serve it now.

Dazzling about sharing a terse hap with you.

It feels antsy thyme love assemblage whizz.

Just a compendious outlook. You be counting my gist.

Eventually, ain’t nobody gives a twerk but I seem to.

Fox terriers protocol Prunus curl citations glamour.


***Love be looking perfectly with the mind.-mayor5***



#Love ❤

It’s okay to trust butterflies.It’s all that matters.

What make you happy, treasure  to your heart.

Hold the door open, close your mouth en open your eyes.

I wish you never remember to forget me. Memory staggering.

Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden.

After all, a diamond be a charcoal that managed stress, confidence.

***Close your mouth and open your eyes.-mayor5 ***




That impulse, that matters.

Don’t take no for an answer. Live in the moment.

Guard your heart, for out of it flows the issues of life.

Baby you know everything with me ain’t complicated at all.

You know even the heart sometimes needs some steering.

It’s a beautiful pain whispers, love. Change can always be within our reach.

***In order to be on a map, rejection is a requisite step in pursuit of happiness. -Mayor5***